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Old Storefront

Our History

For over twenty years, a small, family-owned, family-operated, family-oriented restaurant called Wok Right Inn served up American, European, and Asian food at their location at the top of Lindon hill. Demas and Manolie Jasper, and many of their children, greeted customers, cooked the meals, waited on tables, washed dishes, cleaned up, but most of all, made friends.

Nutritional supplements began to appear in a display case under the cash register, then on shelves to one side of the cashier's station, then elsewhere. Soon, the product displays took up more than half of the restaurant's space, and the nutritional supplement business was bringing in more revenue than the restaurant. Finally Manolie was freed from cooking over a hot wok and the restaurant yielded to the supplements. Whole Sail Living has since grown to be an international business.

Whole Sail Living was chosen as the name of the supplement side of the business to call to mind the image of a sailboat whose sails are full of the wind's energy, cruising along at full speed— just as the Jaspers want everyone to be. Now located on Locust Drive in Lindon, we welcome your visit.

Front Door Whole Sail Living is at:
491-A North Locust Avenue
Lindon, Utah 84042-1314
Call us at (801) 785-7000
or toll-free at (888) 636-4372
Email us at Email Link

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